{ Getting used to the pain }

Please help me so that I can say goodbye to everyone and bid farewell with a smile

The moment I’ve always dreamed about breaks down and after everyone I believed would stay by me, leaves

The pieces of my memory if among them, just one, just one moment became strength to me

Sometimes when you realize there is no one by your side, you know it’s time to learn how to face things alone

They believe in my fake smiles and get suprised when I say I’m depressed

Am I not so good at hiding and controlling my feelings or are you just another liar saying you will help me if I tell you the truth?

( H E A R T B R O K E N )

I don't deserve this pain
널 좋아해

In case you go far away, in case you might dislike me I wanted to tell you but my lips would not move In case you go far away, I am scared What if our relationship gets really awkward and we grow far apart? -Syu



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Sunday, 6 July 2014 | 01:20 | 0 comments

Hi guys. I'm back as a pt3 candidate. So how are you guys? So I guess I can type in Malay right? Its been a long time since I typed in Malay. Hehe so kepada candidate pt3, good luck! For you, for me, for us. Pt3 ni mmg susah. Sabar jelah. Dengan pisa, dengan hari-hari pbs and lastly pt3. Well I'm fine with everything actually. But this is too sudden! 

I just read my previous post like from 2 years ago. Well I can say that I'm a very sensitive person. So emotional. Dulu orang kata saya ni kuat merajuk but I dont trust them. Haa now I finally know x) 

Kenapa lah tkde org betulkan perangai buruk saya dulu. Dulu saya suka sgt mencarut, mengumpat orang. Aish when I'm in my emotional mode, or when I'm sad, I can be so annoying. 

Kesian nya dkt org yg terpaksa layan saya punya perangai buruk... Hm

Hehe anyway, we have to live a new life isn't? 

Ritu ain ajak pergi openhouse rumah dia, and I go there. Glad to know that dorang tak lupakan saya. And now Ain & Qistina got a new friends alrd ;) They're so pretty sekarang.

Mesti pelikkan kenapa syu berperangai pelik cemni en? Haha tetiba je okay pulak dgn dorang. Because people told me to not hold grudges. So yeah :D

And lastly, please do your best at pt3! 

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